몹시 심한 폐부종과 폐수종을 치료하는 명약

Hello, this is Volcano
Today, I’m going to show you a lot of things that are good for asthma and bronchial diseases.
Let’s find out about flower bouquets. A flower garden is a biannual plant that grows on grasslands in the country.
In a child’s environment, if it’s a sunny place
regardless of soil conditions
It’s a plant that grows everywhere. The flowers bloom in the stem in March and June.
The seeds run in long oval shape around June or August.
It is used a lot as an important medicine. young sundae or gukgeori.
Boil it and blanch it lightly.
You can rinse it in cold water and cook it to eat it. The name of the biomedical drug is Dasil.
Use the whole pool and seeds as medicinal materials. I’ll report you, I’ll call you Han,
The working parts are kidneys and bladder,
And it works mostly on the lungs and the colon. The main components are cytokine, interferon,
Sinigreen, histamine, cyclin,
It contains oleinic acid, kasparase, etc The drugstore rules the diuretic.
It makes the bowels soft, makes the bowels go well.
It is used for various inflammatory diseases and edema. especially with respiratory function and phlegm of the lungs.
It’s used for severe coughs, heart failure, breathing problems, etc.
It’s used as an important medicine to govern. (Experimental data on asthma)
College research shows that you’re taking flower tea extracts
playing an important role in the observation of asthma.
There are consequences for inhibiting cell activity and production. It also inhibits endocardial moisture by endocytes.
It’s effective, it’s inhibitions asthma.
There have been reports of clinical use. And the extract of dried flower seeds
Decrease white blood cell growth in bronchial pulmonary stasis
Reduced pulmonary edema volume. In addition, increased histamine from the lungs.
Decrease to anti-inflammatory reactions and cell penetration,
mucosal edema, reducing the size of the endotracheal tract
We’ve improved micro-change. from the above results of the trachea smooth muscle
Prevention of overreaction and suppression of acutely transmitted reactions,
various inflammatory cell penetration, etc. from the lungs.
It also conveys the effects of anticonvulsive food. (Great-Such asthma)
occurring periodically in old medical books.
With difficulty breathing, asthma, and a fast pulse,
It’s written that it’s used in a tight spot. (Waste cancer, pulmonary edema, pulmonary edema)
And in lung cancer, pulmonary edema, pulmonary edema.
There was some calming effect.
There’s also a test result. In a pulmonary edema experiment, there was no evidence of pulmonary arterial pressure.
There’s been a significant decrease in the cardiovascular system.
There was a significant reduction in cardiac output and a significant cardiovascular inhibitory effect. The result is increased pulmonary vascular pressure.
We can see a significant decrease in cardiac output.
Contents suitable for pulmonary edema and pulmonary edema
I’ve also reported. Pulmonary edema is a disease that affects children and older adults who are less immune.
It’s mainly caused by a lot of outbreaks, water in the lungs,
Symptoms of edema.
especially myocardial infarction, hypertension, pneumonia, etc.
It can cause secondary diseases. It also rapidly damages the wastebasket.
There’s inflammation and bleeding.
a dry cough with difficulty breathing as a symptom.
And it also comes with bubbles. In medical books, there’s an abundance of knowledge.
by turning into heat and piling up in the lungs
By blood forming, rotting and festering.
It happens. In conclusion, the blooming asthma and cough,
pulmonary tuberculosis, pulmonary edema, and pulmonary edema and lung
For respiratory and bronchial diseases,
It will have a good effect. I’m not going to break anything else that’s solid.
Treats and urine volume is not decreasing or coming out well.
It’s even applied to a disease that’s clogged and doesn’t appear at all. Recently, vitamin C, which is the main ingredient of flower tea,
The flower seed extract inhibits melanin synthesis.
Make your skin clear and transparent, so it can whiten your skin.
It also revealed that it was strengthened. (Private method)
Flowers use candles and seeds as their main ingredients.
The seeds of beanstalk and jaesuk are also used. Wait for the flower to ripen.
They collect them and try to dry them in the sun.
Use the dried one as it is or until it turns yellow.
Stir-fry it and use it in powder. Dried laver seeds are 200cc of two grams per serving.
To be heated with water or ground to powder.
Pour 1 liter of water into 6 to 12g of the entire flower pot.
It’s sweet, so you can take it two or three times. (Caution)
There’s no particular side effect.
He has a short temper and he has a weak stomach.
Cold people should take it carefully. Thanks for watching.
This has been a volcano.