5 TASTY Snacks for KIDS during EXAMS Time – Quick & Healthy Lunch/Evening Recipes | CookWithNisha

Mumma!! want something to eat i’ve already eat two since morning give me something sweet there’s anything else to eat again I feel hungry definitely something is there in the fridge During Exams Usually kids feel hunger while studying they feel sleepy if we give them something heavy snacks so today I’ve brought for you Five easy light & healthy snacks recipes if you like the recipes then hit LIKE to this video also do SUBSCRIBE to my channel “CookWithNisha” So lets get started heat oil in a pan add chopped Onion green chilli Saute when onion turns golden add chopped tomato now add spices salt as per taste Red chilli Powder Turmeric coriander powder slightly fry add eggs and mix well keep the gas flame at low Anda Bhurji is ready Garnish it with coriander leaves For Pav heat butter in the same pan Roast the pav put this Bhurji over these pav and serve and serve it to your kids during exam time instead of that packaged or fried snacks these have vitamin B, amino acids & fatty acids very effective in brain functioning prick them with tooth picks and keep them in microwave these will get soft you can cut its thin slices grease them with butter them put them in OTG I kept it in baked mode at 200 degree temp. and baked them for about 20 minutes flip it once after 10 minutes sprinkle chaat masala and lemon juice and serve roast papad in a microwave or on gas I used ready made papad here put chopped onion over it tomato boiled sweet corns sprinkle chaat Masala during exam time you can give it to your kids between meals cut bread corners press them with roller spred sauce you can use Chutney instead of sauce spread paneer bhurji over it I’ve made it just like of that Anda Bhurji now roll the bread this way and seal its corner using water likewise prepare all the rolls now spread butter on a pan like this roast them well from both the sides you can serve these roll with chutney or sauce Roast all the dry fruits in a pan keep the gas flame at low pour sugar then add Honey squeeze half a lemon mix well and cook it takes around 3 to 4 minutes sugar to get completely dissolved now add that roasted dry fruits all dry fruits got coated well with the sugar syrup turn off the gas flame grease a plate with butter spread this mixture on the plate keep it in fridge for one hour and serve it how easy and quick recipes are these try out these recipes for your kids this Exam time and share your experience in the comment section Will see you in my next video till then