6 Natural Remedies for Ear Infection: Get Rid of Ear Pain at Home

you how to cure ear infections fast at home
in this video you’re about to learn how to cure ear infections safely naturally
and affordably with using home remedies fo ear infection also this absolutely
natural ear infection treatment ear is one of the most delicate sense organs if
it is not cured properly it may cause several problems including ear infection
ear infection is a very common problem diagnosed in infants and children even
it is common in adults if you are prone to ear infections you know there’s pain
all too well having an ear infection makes it difficult to concentrate and
the pain can even radiate down into your jaw or even your neck ear infections are
the result of bacteria or viruses in the middle ear many adults do suffer some
causes and things that may make an ear infection worse include wax buildup
nutritional deficiencies food allergies genetics nutritional deficiencies and
upper respiratory infections this space behind your eardrum call the middle ear
contains many small bones that pass vibrations to your inner air if the
space between those bones fills with fluid
it puts painful pressure on the inner ear and allows bacteria to grow and
cause infection we always try to sort out quick remedies for ear infection
treatment to overcome it before going through the series of home remedies let
us understand the symptoms of their infection here is few symptoms of their
infection drainage rupturing swelling of the middle ear terrible pain adair fever
sucking out airs trouble sleeping fluid drainage from the ear fussiness unusual
crime hearing problems there are many time-tested home remedies that can help
reduce the pain and curing your infection that are absolutely natural
and harmless number one mullein is a wild flowering plant grown
in several areas to get relief in ear infection take a teaspoon of Mullen
flowers and put them into 1/2 cup of boiling water allow it to cool now mix 1
tablespoon Mullen teed 1 tablespoon olive oil in it leave the mixture for
overnight but one drop of the resulted mixture in the infected ear instead of
preparing Mullen oil at home you can also buy it from the market number 2
onion juice onions have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that
heal infection while soothing and calming symptoms method to use heat your
oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit maker onion for 15 minutes once cooked
let your onion cool squeeze the onion to extract juice use a dropper to apply the
juice to your ear tilt your head sideways for a few moments
repeat regularly number 3 tea tree oil tea tree oil has a number of amazing
therapeutic properties including add to bacterial antiseptic antiviral
antimicrobial fungicide insecticide balsamic expectorant and stimulant all
of these properties make tea tree oil and excellent herbal remedy to turn to
when you have ear pain or infection mix a few drops of oil with a tablespoon of
olive oil and warm slightly fill a clean dropper with the mixture and drop into
the infected air lay on your side with the oil in your ear for about 3 minutes
turn your head to drain the oil out repeat daily until the pain subsides
number 4 garlic garlic is considered to have antimicrobial and pain relieving
characteristics put some drops of fresh garlic oil or juice in the infected ear
this will provide an immediate relief the process should be practiced three
times in a day else boil two to three garlic cloves in water for 5 minutes add
some salt after crushing to close wrap up the mixture in a clean cloth and
put it on the infected air apart from making these mixtures one can eat 2 to 3
well garlic cloves to facilitate the healing process number 5 olive oil there
are many reasons for an ear infection but when very common one is when wax in
the air is attacked by a fungal or bacterial growth which leads to a
blockage in the eustachian tubes this obstruction can be cleared easily with
the help of olive oil warm up some olive oil on the stove on low heat dribble the
oil into the infected air when the oil heats the wax it will soften after this
remove the wax with a cotton swab however do not put this swamp too far
into the air as you may damage the eardrum number 6 salt most people have
no trouble finding a little salt in their home heat up one cup of salt over
low heat for just a few minutes place the worm salt in a clean and soft cloth
secure the end of the cloth with a rubber band when you can stand the
temperature lay down and place the cloth on the affected Arab out 10 minutes
repeat the stay need to help bring relief the warm salt will help draw out
the fluid from the ear and reduce pain and swelling now that you have learned
how to cure ear infections you can be sure that you will benefit a lot from
using these ear infection home remedies to natural treatment for ear infection
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