8 Books to Calm Your Corona Virus Anxiety

what is up everybody this is Chris from
the rewired soul where we talk about the problem but focus on the solution and if
you’re new to my channel my channel is all about mental health so if you got
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subscribe and ring that notification bell and yeah I thought about this for a
little bit and I want to do a series of videos because if you like me all this
coronavirus stuff being everywhere makes you a little anxious so those are you
who don’t know me I’ve been diagnosed with a generalized anxiety disorder and
every single day it is a challenge managing that anxiety right like I’m a
father so I have my son I have parents and you know older people are the ones
who are most susceptible to like the coronavirus being potentially fatal
right but we also have a lot of people who are panicking right now and so many
of us are struggling with anxiety and I know it’s not doing a lot of us any
favors so I wanted to do a series of videos kind of discussing managing your
mental health wall this stuff is going on these videos don’t get monetized but
it’s whatever I’m gonna make a playlist just so anybody if you need to you can
go check them out but anyways I’ve been having some back and forth with people
on Twitter because like somebody like me should be freaking out right now
I should be losing my mind on a daily basis but I’m not alright and I don’t
want to minimize what’s going on right now
but for somebody like me who deals with anxiety on a regular basis and it’s
important for me to manage it all right and I think we gotta find this this
middle ground between freaking out and minimizing it you know more than we
should and I think this segment from John Oliver from last week tonight this
little clip right here it explains it very nicely at this point you might be
wondering how scared should you be and the answer is probably a bit a bit no I
don’t want to be alarmist here but I also don’t want to minimize what we
could be facing it’s really about trying to strike a sensible balance basically
if you’re drinking bleach to protect yourself right now
you should probably calm the fuck down if you are say licking subway polls
because you’re certain nothing can hurt you maybe don’t do that so yeah anyways
I want to discuss eight books that I suggest you read if you are having a lot
of coronavirus anxiety alright so the first one is the power of bad by Roy
Baumeister and John tyranny okay so Roy Baumeister he is a psychologist he
originally started in philosophy but then he got into psychology and his
research is cited a lot in a lot of the books I read but anyways his brand-new
book the power of bad with John Tierney just came out I think like the last day
of 2019 or earlier this year and I’m actually gonna reread it along with a
lot of these books on this list just to help with my anxiety anyways the power
of that it is all about our negative bias alright most people know that our
brains have a negative bias we are genetically and evolutionarily
predisposed to focus more on the negative than the positive like positive
events they just slide off our our memory like Teflon and with negative
events it’s like velcro right and this can be an issue when we’re seeing all
this coronavirus news so I highly suggest that you check out the power of
that and this book as well as the rest of the books on this list these are
going to help you in a wide range of different mental health aspects aside
from just the coronavirus anxiety all right so book number two is good reasons
for bad feelings by Randolph Nessie okay this is one of my favorite books I’ve
ever read in my entire life and I can’t wait to reread it again this book is all
about the evolutionary psychology of mental health issues
alright primarily depression and anxiety but he also talks about you know
addiction schizophrenia bipolar disorder but anyways it talks about evolutionary
reasons and like this book is so important because it helps you
understand that there’s nothing wrong you like if you’re experiencing anxiety
right now because of the coronavirus there’s nothing wrong with you that’s
completely normal but this this author does a great job explaining why we get
anxious about certain things and not others right why our mind has a natural
response for getting anxious around certain things right so for example for
example one of the reasons that the anxiety around the corona virus is so
huge whereas it’s not as huge around other issues that are killing tens of
thousands hundreds of thousands or millions of people each year like it
explains why we get anxious about one but not the other right because I keep
thinking about this we are a very resilient species right we have made it
through a lot okay so when this thing passes we’re gonna be stronger because
of it but anyways like the corona virus the reason it causes so much anxiety is
because it’s this this infection this virus right and that’s something that we
are biologically designed to fear okay so these next two books are from Steven
Levitt and Stephen Dubner all right and the first one is freakanomics a lot of
you have heard of this book some of you have read this book this is like a huge
best-selling book but the reason why this book is so important like this book
is a lot about economics but not that traditional economics that you’re
thinking or that we traditionally think of this is all about you know different
statistics over the years and how we thought it was this way but it was
really this way right um and it helps you just kind of switch the way you look
at situations and that’s what helps me the most like a lot of these books have
helped me just look at things from different angles that I would have never
looked at them before okay freakanomics like if you get any book on this list
you need to get these two books from the Steve 11 and Stephen Dubner
the other book that I had to read right after I finished for economics
let’s think like a freak okay because I was so fascinated intrigued with how
they look at these different you know these different things that have
happened throughout you know history and how we got them so wrong like a lot of
this is people got it wrong the experts got it wrong right and I’m
like okay well how how do you do that like what’s that thought process and
they wrote an entire book to help you start looking at these situations in a
different way so that’s think like a freak like the
best thing I can relate it to is rebt rational emotive behavioral therapy a
lot of these books will help you with that um by anyways like even if you’re
not in therapy like rational emotive behavioral therapy which is one of my
favorite forms of therapy that I I do with my therapist it helps you think
rationally alright and I think some of these books helping you look at things
from different angles and understand why you feel the way you feel and kind of
understand why the public is doing what they’re doing like I think it’s really
important to be able to look at these from different angles alright the next
one is hive mind by Sarah Cavanaugh and I’ve been really fascinated with like
groupthink and kind of like tribal mentality mob mentality for a long time
now and this book came out hmm I think fall of 2019 but anyways Sarah Cavanaugh
is a professor as well and this book will will help you understand you know
this the kind of mass the mass hysteria and panic around this thing why groups
act the way they do this book as well as like the power of bad will help you
understand why the media focuses so much on the negative how that spreads and
goes viral on social media and all of that alright and there’s also some
sections in there about conspiracies and you know and things like that but
anyways it helps me understand like when I’m on social media and I see
all these things going on the people I interact with and understand and I’m
like you know how come they’re not noticing these things and you know and a
lot of it has to do with that that group think and mentality of being in a group
all right the next book is a book I’m currently reading right now which you
need to get like you need to get it right now it’s called how we know what
isn’t so by Thomas Gilovich all right so I was recently reading a book one of my
other favorite books is called the righteous mind and the author Jonathan
hi referenced work from Thomas Gilovich and when I hear like a psychologist who
has a really interesting study or some research on like huh I wonder if they’ve
written any books and this book actually came out just came out on in 2019 but I
absolutely absolutely absolutely love this book so far and basically what it’s
about is like understanding why our brain has so many biases that we don’t
even recognize right like it’s easy it’s easy to sit here and be like oh I know
you know I know all about confirmation bias and all these other things and
da-da-da-da-da right but this book has done such a great job pointing out
things that we we don’t notice right um a chapter I just finished was like about
relationships and why our relationships make us you know focus on these negative
things rather than the positive things but it’s also important to understand
why we’re focusing on some aspects of the coronavirus news and not others so
check that book out the next book is super forecasting now I highly recommend
you read this book for me personally there was only so much that I could
relate to myself and my own mental health but the reason we all need to
read this book is because the author Philip tetlock he is referenced and just
about all of the books I’ve listed Philip tetlock is referenced
in almost every single one almost every single one why is that it’s because he
did the longest study the longest study I believe a spans two decades
okay and what he did was he gave dozens of experts things to predict right about
the stock markets about Wars about all these things I think he even had him do
forecasting about predictions with like pandemics like SARS and h1n1 and what
he’s found through his research like listen to me very carefully
what do you found in research is that experts experts are no better predicting
than your average person experts are correct they’re accurate roughly 50% of
the time something he talks about in this book and one of the reasons he had
to write this book is because like one specific line of his research has been
just used everywhere everywhere and it’s true because like I said these other
books references research but they say part of his research said like experts
predicting outcomes is no better than a chimp throwing darts at a dartboard
right but anyways he dives deeper into this he actually has discovered who’s
better at forecasting who isn’t like they have found that super forecasters
what he calls them is actually better at predicting things then like the CIA like
that’s nuts so although a lot of examples in this book are talking about
like um like global conflicts and Wars and predicting things I think it’s
important to read this book because right now there’s a lot of experts and I
don’t mean to discredit them in any way like we need them to tell the truth we
need them to explain what’s going on and why why we should be worried or aspects
that we shouldn’t be worried about I’ve had a lot of people recommend the Joe
Rogan podcast recently where he had a infectious disease expert on there and
there were some things on that I didn’t know for example um healthy children are
pretty much not not a risk they are not contracting this and having as severe
symptoms and it’s not as deadly for children and they don’t know why right
as a father that’s very helpful but reading super forecasting it helps me
listen to the experts but also listen to them with caution because some of these
other books that I’ve mentioned discuss all the different biases that we have
and one of the biggest misconceptions that we have is that experts are not
bias experts are completely objective right and that’s not the case all
experts have their own biases and unless they are working very very very very
hard to acknowledge those and you know talk to their peers and get in groups
something that’s part of this super forecasting group their biases are going
to get the best of them and their biases which they are unaware of can influence
the way they are speaking to the public you see what I mean so that helps chill
my anxiety out because I can sit there and say okay how accurate are the
predictions how how many different forms of bias are affecting what they say and
it helps me chill out a little bit and take what they’re saying take it in and
then start adjusting my life around that alright so the last book on this list is
thinking and bets by Annie Duke this book was recommended when I watched a
video from dr. Mike it’s actually how I discovered the other author I mentioned
Jonathan height but thinking of that’s by Annie Duke I am really into books not
only about psychology and mental health and all that but again like rational
emotive behavioral therapy I love books that help me think better right because
a lot of a lot of mental health issues are psychological okay so you have the
biopsychosocial model you have your biology right your genetic
chemical imbalances and all that yeah social how things are happening in your
life different events different circumstances who you’re hanging out
with but then you have the psychological model okay this is one of the reasons
why therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy rational emotive behavioral
therapy dialectical behavioral therapy they help you think better okay
like and that’s why I love thinking and best by Annie Duke a lot of this is
about making better decisions recognizing your biases recognizing
almost like the title of that other book like why you think you know what you
really don’t know you know what I mean and I really want to reread this book
too because it helps me look at things from different perspectives and one of
the best things that we can do for our mental health is look at things from
different perspectives anxiety for example it is this intense fear of what
hasn’t happened yet you know what I mean we we call it future tripping we are
freaking out right and like we learn from super forecasting is a lot of our
predictions of the future are inaccurate they’re blown out of proportion
so thinking and bets I think is a good book if you are struggling with
coronavirus anxiety all right there anyways those are the eight books down
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something is hedonic adaptation okay we are always going to adapt we are always
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