908 dead, more than 40-thousand cases of coronavirus confirmed in China

now elsewhere in China reported over 900
deaths and more than 40,000 confirmed cases as of Monday there’s also not ylim
things are also not looking so good in Japan either with at least 60 additional
confirmed cases reported on board the cruise ship docked at the Yokohama port
or omni young has a latest according to china’s national health commission on
monday the death toll in china is now over 900 with 97 deaths recorded in the
country in the past 24 hours alone this is the first time there have been more
than 90 recorded deaths in a single day 91 out of 97 more in Hebei province the
epicenter of the outbreak there were also some 3,000 more confirmed cases
bringing the number in China to more than 40,000 on a brighter note the
number of new cases has stabilised in recent days other areas of China except
for who Bay province has seen a downturn in the number of newly confirmed cases
for five days in a row new cases across the rest of China reportedly stayed at
some 500 a day as of last Friday compared to around 800 last week the
most recent data from Chinese authorities also showed new cases
outside who Bay Province as of Sunday stood at some 400 however anxiety
remains as millions of Chinese are set to return home following the end of the
Lunar New Year holiday which was extended to February 9th Japan remains
on alert as well at least 60 more people on the diamond Princess cruise ship
docked at the port of Yokohama tested positive for the novel coronavirus this
brings a total number of confirmed cases on the vessel to 130 about 3,700 people
have been quarantined since last Monday after it was found that a passenger who
disembarked in Hong Kong on January 25th was infected Tokyo is hesitating to
include the number of confirmed cases on the ship to the total cases in Japan as
it would make Japan the country with the second highest number of confirmed cases
after China on ji-yong arirang news