An Aging Face: Can Anything Be Done?

so in this video we’re going to talk
about the aging face okay is there any solution can you actually slow down this
process unfortunately it’s inevitable everyone is going to age but if there’s
something we can do to slow it down that would be a very good thing
some people have accelerated aging other people don’t a lot has to do with your
environment which I’m going to touch on as well is the strength of your ability
to recover and repair there are certain nutrients that are really necessary in
the repair of your DNA and that relates to how fast you age but typically what
happens as we age we start getting these horizontal and vertical lines or
wrinkles on the forehead in between the eyes you’ll notice that the skin
especially on top of the eyelid starts becoming very very thin almost paper
thin you can see it on the cheeks as well there’s loss of collagen there’s a
loss of elasticity the ligaments that support the skin to the face are
atrophying they’re shrinking the fat on the face starts to atrophy and you start
losing that and starts to sag underneath the eye lids right here you may also notice
a dark circle underneath the eye as well and the tissue on top of the eye and the
eyelid starts drooping you may also notice that the fat layer underneath the
cheek bones becomes atrophied then you start sagging tissue and so you lose
your cheek bones so you have the sagging eyebrows and the lids dark circles even
bone loss around the face around the jaw and the teeth you potentially could also
lose the fullness around the lips and there’s also a very thin kind of like a
sheath muscle called the platysma underneath your your neck that becomes
atrophied and you get that turkey gobbler appearance I think I’m actually
starting to get that myself but other than the wrinkles the sagging skin the
dark circles and that little turkey gobbler appearance you’re doing
fantastic alright so let’s just kind of forget about that for a second and talk
about what can we do to slow this thing down okay well there’s really two things
happening you have the breakdown of tissue and then
have the building up of tissue okay I’m talking about proteins at the cellular
level so you have the oxidation or the damaging of proteins that can definitely
come from smoking smokers tend to age prematurely and then there is people who
get excessive amounts of Sun including sunburns Sun Sun is good too much Sun
could age the skin then you have the chemicals that are put on the skin as
well as in your foods and I know a lot of women put up just layers of makeup on
the skin on a daily basis and then you take it off you just want to make sure
that those chemicals are non-toxic then you have alcohol that will age the skin
in certain medications and recreational drug and then you have sugar and junk
foods and refined carbohydrates those will definitely age your skin probably
more than anything and then you have stress okay on the flip side what do we
do to counter that this is what you should focus on regular exercise okay
regular exercise that will counter this regular exercise will provide a lot of
oxygen to the lungs to the tissues it will slow down the aging process
especially on your face because it’s going to drive blood flow into the
tissues fasting very very powerful I’ve done other videos on this in fact I’m
going to put a link down below but fasting will do two things it’ll
increase your antioxidant Network to counter some of this stuff right here
it’ll also kick in and turn on certain genetic factors that help something
called autophagy recycling old damaged tissue especially protein and giving you
new tissue it’ll increase stem cells especially if you do periodic prolonged
fasting to actually help your body replenish old
cells so you have less wrinkles also fasting helps your blood sugars and
right there that’s going to actually reduce oxidation now consuming
antioxidant foods are a must and that would be these things called vegetables
especially cruciferous vegetables now there’s other antioxidants and other
foods too like seafood and grass-fed meat and eggs as well but here’s the
thing when you talk about DNA repair and the
nutrients required for DNA repair these are the key nutrients that are essential
and I put some of the research down below vitamin b3 okay
now the way that you become deficient is by drinking a lot of alcohol or sugar or
or also consuming a lot of corn will cause a deficiency of b3 do you realize
that the consumption of corn from the 70s to now has increased by 3x that’s
crazy so we need b3 for DNA repair also magnesium very necessary for DNA repair
you can get magnesium from a lot of vegetables leafy greens things like that
zinc very necessary for DNA repair shellfish seafood sea kelp
oysters folate very important to prevent DNA damage and protect the DNA
and this word folate comes from another word foliage which is vegetable so you
get folate from vegetables and then DHA which is an omega-3 fatty acid it’s
in salmon sardines cod liver oil and then you have vitamin C always make sure
that you get it from a natural source vegetables would be a good source all
right it’s very simple focus on increasing these and decreasing these if
you haven’t seen my other videos on Aging check them out I put them right