Being Healthy Despite Global Viruses with Jasmuheen

Welcome back everybody, this is Jasmuheen
on World Affairs for the Embassy of Peace. In our first video on global
viruses, we shared about the effect of the vibration of love on your body and your
immune system and the effect of fear, how one will suppress the immune system and
give the body a strong energy of the fight flight cortisol hormone dumping
energy to deal with, whereas this energy of peace and love
can stabilize and boost our health and feed our cellular structure
and really strengthen the immune system in
quite a powerful way and many studies have
been done on this. We have this power,
this mind over matter, and we all know now about the placebo
effect and also the nascebo effect on the health of our body so it’s so
important that we make sure we aren’t running mental viruses. A mental virus triggers
emotional viruses and there are many mental and emotional viruses that
are shutting the human system down now and creating a lot of disease and
disease among people all around our world. Limited ideas, a lack of education,
the fear that comes from ignorance because we haven’t been educated
holistically to understand that we are quite a complex mechanism. We have seen so much
rising in the world from the flu virus, the influenza virus, avian, the
swine flu, now the corona virus and we will continue to see more
as we shared in the last video and what are people doing about this? I remember many years ago
when these viruses that came from ingesting and dealing with,
holding, touching contaminated animals, when that first came many people
immediately said, okay, well, I’m not going to be involved in that, I am not going to
take animal substances into my body anymore and there was a mass movement to
a plant-based diet simply because people wanted to stay healthy. Similarly when Salmonella poisoning was found in our oceans amongst marine life
many people said, okay I’m not taking anything from the sea anymore, I’ll stay
with the plant-based kingdom. That was very interesting and some people would
also suggest that it is time to let go of some of these long-held cultural
traditions where people are often starving and they had nothing much to
eat and so they took what they could find from any kingdom – the insect kingdom,
snakes, so many different sources of food because survival depended on it but
that was then, we are in a different time. Yes, we need to keep our
immune system strong, we need to flood the body with positive immune system
boosting energies. But can we also do what
these people have done and really have a good look at
our diet and maybe just go plant-based? Why not? We know a plant-based diet –
because so many people are choosing this now – is improving people’s health
in many ways. Why? Let’s look at the science. It’s all about digestive energy. When we take from the
animal kingdom, we also are taking into our bodies all their life
force vibration and the way they are killed can often release a lot of fear
and adrenaline in their bodies which then we take into ours. It also requires a
much longer and heavier
digestive process. When we – and eventually
people get energy from that – but if we can lighten up, lighten up,
lighten up and go more to a plant-based diet we find we need a lot less energy
for digestion and it’s now been proven that that energy that we would spend
digesting for heavier food substances can now be used for healing. So the body has amazing
mechanisms to heal itself quite quickly when the
immune system isn’t overtaxed, when we have good
healthy emotional and mental energy and when we
can also do a lot of this compassion into our own bodies. The HeartMath
Institute has proven that a body will heal when the dominant frequency is
compassion and that compassion sends out a vibration through all the organs in
the body and brings everything back into
health again. We’ve found – science has
proven – that on a plant-based diet the telomeres start to grow again and this
was something that we felt could not happen but he does happen
with the plant-based diet, so this has been a
great solution for many around the world
to really step back and assess why are they taking
food from the animal kingdom
or marine life? To say, do they really
need to do that especially with the different
viruses going around that come directly from these food sources. So now they’re going
plant-based but they’re doing more, they are understanding
about mental viruses, they are understanding about
emotional viruses. An emotional virus could be the energy of bullying. The emotional
virus can be the energy of violence – violence against children, violence
against women. Emotional virus can be the energy of extreme loneliness and
self-hate and self judgment or too much judgment – not just about ourselves but
also of others – but all of that comes from mental viruses, a malwiring in
our perception or a lack of education of the effect of limited and negative
thoughts and words and actions on the actual health of our own body
and immune system. Many of you have
already experienced that when you start being in
this emotional virus energy or the mental virus energy of talking badly
about others or talking badly about yourself, your energy just drop drop drop
drop drops, but when you go in to praise and gratitude and choosing to see the
good in all and you have an attitude of gratitude, your emotional
energy goes up up up up up. So we have many many
different ways of very powerful ways where we can
keep ourselves virus free. Good mental paradigms, holistic mental paradigms, good
emotional paradigms, loving, kindness, compassion, keeping ourselves in deep
peace, understanding who we really are at our core level that we are not a leaf on a
tree that is being blown by the gales of life and chaos and
change, we are so much more, we are the leaf, we are the branch,
we are the trunk, and we are the root system and at the root system we are connected to all
the other trees and this is what self-knowledge and self-mastery is about – the experience of ourselves in the web of one, the experience of the core of us,
the experience of our pure nature and not just our little ego personality selves
that are really just those little leaves on the trees and so there’s a lot we can
do to control our personal vibration and our personal health and whether we are then susceptible to be a leaf on a tree buffeted by the winds of change and the
storms of chaos whether it’s this virus or another virus or our own
interpretation of taking on board too much negative media or fear from others
to the degree where we live in fear which dumps so many energies in our
body that makes our immune system drop where a body struggles to heal itself
when it naturally is able to heal itself
quite powerfully. So this is Jasmuheen,
just sharing a little bit more about viruses rising in our world, being kind to
ourselves, being kind to the animal kingdom, being kind to each other – that’s
a wonderful antidote to all of these viruses, self-knowledge self-mastery,
adopting a lifestyle that keeps our immune system strong, keeps us healthy
physically, emotionally, mentally and on all levels and so then we are just
living in a completely different reality band on this planet, feeling love, feeling
gratitude, feeling deeply peaceful and very healthy on all levels.