Can Yaman gave up living in Italy. Coronary virus barrier to Can Yaman. Ferit Aslan İtaly

MAGAZINE BUTTERFLY COPYRIGHT Can Yaman gave up living in Italy. Coronavirus disability to Can Yaman The Turkish actor, Can Yaman, is a very popular TV series actress in Italy. Can Yaman projects and series draw great attention in Europe. Can Europe also receives an invitation from television programs. He participates in TV programs in his invitations. He’s shooting magazine. Can Yaman chooses the first stop for Italy during his European vacation. Can made a decision because he came to Rome at regular intervals. Can did not want to stay in a hotel in Italy. Can Yaman decided to rent a house from there. He planned to keep the attic of a four-story apartment building. When Can arrived in Italy, he found it suitable to stay in his home. Can Yaman had to cancel his thoughts due to the Coronavirus appearing in Italy. Appearing in the world and in Europe, Korona gave up the idea of ​​renting a house due to its virus and strict security. Can Yaman was making new projects very much. Will renting a house from abroad come across to European fans with different projects? Will Can Yaman be in Italy with a surprise project? He had asked questions again. The subject related to Can Yaman in Turkish newspapers continues to be covered as news.