Changing the World’s Health One Nut at a Time – The Brothers Nuts Story

Jordan: Hi. I’m Jordan Rubin with Ancient
Medicine Today brought to you by draxe.com. And we have a great program for you today.
We have wellness entrepreneur, Austin Majors. And we’re going to talk about nuts. We’re
also going to talk about a company that you want to take notice of and it’s called Brothers
Nuts. Austin: Yes. Jordan: Austin why is it called Brothers Nuts? Austin: So Brothers Nuts, actually, me and
my brother own this company. We sprout and flavor all of our amazing nuts. And just in
case you’re allergic to nuts we also have seeds. So it’s not just nuts. Jordan: That’s awesome because I am nuts about
nuts. So Austin is 12, and his father, Dr. Charles Majors is a bestselling author and
someone who has inspired a lot of us especially the Majors family. And tell us why. You, who
are in seventh grade, correct? Austin: Yes. Jordan: Why do you have a business? Austin: So we have a business because, so
I’m going to give you a little bit of our story and why we actually started the business.
So six years ago our father, me and my brother’s father, Dr. Charles Majors was diagnosed of
cancer. And so my mom is a pretty good cook and she started to make him snacks, and so
she started to make him this crackled cheezy almonds. And so what happened from there is
me and my brother kind of tasted them as well and he actually got rid of that cancer and
lived for a little bit after that but . . . so we started trying the almonds and we thought
that’s really good. And as well as our dad was also researching into the sprouting and
we figured out the sprouting not a lot of people did it, it tasted amazing. It is amazing
for you as well. So that’s why we were doing this, and so that’s really why we started
our business, so. Jordan: Let me ask you a question, so we spoke
at an event together, scoot over here, the camera loves red heads. So stand right here.
I met you speaking at an event last July and I watched and I was pretty inspired. I think
you’re going to be as well. I have young children and we are raising them to be world changers.
And what I love about the Majors family particularly the Nut Brothers or the Brothers Nuts or Majors
munchees, where going to come over with all those kinds of things, is that they are passionate
about what they do delivering great tasting products but also you want to, what’s your
tagline, you want to change . . . ? Austin: So we want to change the world and
here at Brothers Nuts we believe . . . Jordan: One snack at a time, right? Austin: Yeah, one snack at a time. We believe
the way to actually changing and becoming healthy for everyone is by changing the snacks
you eat. So that’s why we’re having a healthy, amazing tasting snack. Jordan: Okay. So you mentioned sprouting.
We’ve talked a little bit about the benefits of sprouting and it’s becoming a lot more
popular. Austin: Yeah. Jordan: It’s an ancient way to unlock nutrients. Austin: That’s true. Jordan: So when someone asks you why should
I consume sprouted nuts instead of regular nuts, roasted or raw, why are sprouted nuts
and seeds better than roasted and raw nuts and seeds? Austin: Yeah. So first of all roasted is terrible.
It kills the nuts. It kills the nutrients in the nuts. So you never want to do roasted.
Get rid of those automatically. But now sprouting . . . what sprouted is we soak the nut and
seed in water for certain amount of time then instead of actually some people don’t even
dry it they just have it like that but we actually take the time to put them in dehydrator,
and dehydrator is a low cook, low heat oven, so it does not kill the nutrients in the nut
like roasting does. And so that drives the nut out and then we flavor it and then we
dehydrate it again. So, it keeps all nutrients in it. But now why do we actually sprout it
is for the fact that very, very good health benefits, it’s actually a lot of to digest
them way better. We’ve had people come to us saying that they can’t eat nuts, they eat
these, they can digest them and they’re realty good with it. Jordan: I ate five bags last night and I’m
here today to attest that I’m doing great. Austin: Yes. Yeah. Jordan: So sprouting technically reduces anti-nutrients,
because when you eat a whole thing of raw nuts you kind of feel like there’s a bowling
ball in your gut. Austin: Exactly, yeah. These digest way [inaudible
00:03:51] Jordan: And roasted is easier to digest than
raw but the nutrients as you mentioned particularly the enzymes are destroyed. So sprouting and
dehydrating gives the benefits of raw, the taste of roasted, and unlocks nutrients and
makes great flavor. Here’s a question for you, I didn’t prepare this off camera. Why
do some companies produce nuts that are roasted or raw? Why don’t they do the same process
Brothers Nuts, as there’s a reason, and there’s a reason why these are premium, so tell us
why other companies don’t go to the trouble to do what you do? Austin: Exactly. So, now a lot of people don’t
know, the process to probably make one of these bags is two to three days. And most
other nut companies or and people that make nuts don’t have that time or don’t want to
put in the time to give you a healthy and amazing snack. So we have these and that’s
really the reason why. It takes long, it’s hard, but we do it, and why it’s a little
more expensive than probably a lot of your other nuts is because these are amazing and
everyone can eat them and this will also get you healthier. Jordan: Okay. We’ll Austin everyone watching
who has been exposed to this sort of generation of television. We see Shark Tank. We see entrepreneur
kids. There’s a lot of movement towards people starting their own businesses, but you are
in school, what kind of grades do you get? Austin: So, in school I do try my best. I
usually get either high A’s or at the most low A’s, so. Jordan: At the worst low A’s? Austin: Yeah. Jordan: So you’re a straight A student? Austin: Yeah. Jordan: What do you like to do when you’re
not running your business or in school? Austin: So, personally, I love to speak. I
want to be a public speaker as well as that but as well I like to, I love fashion as well.
I’m big into fashion. Jordan: Pretty fashionable. Austin: Yes. Jordan: I had to take some of your advice
for my next program. I’m getting a little stale. Austin: Yes. No, I’ll . . . Jordan: Okay, so you like fashion. Austin: Fashion. Jordan: You like public speaking. Austin: Public speaking, yeah. Jordan: And . . . ? Austin: And I also play some sports. I play
football and I skateboard, so. Jordan: Awesome. Okay, so you’re in school? Austin: Yes. Jordan: We talk about school being our kid’s
fulltime jobs and you have a business, right? Austin: Yes. Jordan: Why when other kids are out playing
and having fun did you decide to invest time after school in this business. What are your
motivations? Austin: So truly, so, recently, my father
Dr. Charles Majors is one of the reasons why we actually started this business, passed
away. And one of the reasons, that’s also pushed us, it motivates us even more. And
the fact that we truly believe that we can make everyone healthy by just changing the
snacks they eat. Instead of being these artificial cheese snacks and all these terrible gluten-filled
snacks. You can eat these healthy amazing snack that you’re meant to eat than eat the
nuts and seeds and unlock your true health. Jordan: Absolutely. Well, these boys in Brothers
Nuts have fans all over the country and their father, Dr. Majors, was a big inspiration.
He co-wrote the book “Cancer Killers” which has shown many, many people how to overcome
that dreaded disease. And the boys recently lost their dad, and a big part of what they
do is a legacy to him. And so when you’re involved in Brothers Nuts I think you probably
get a sense of fulfilling that legacy. Tell us a little bit about what your dad told you
and taught you regarding Brothers Nuts and what did he say to you about how this business
can impact people. Austin: So, yeah. So our dad was a chiropractor
and he helped a lot of people. And he would come in contact with people with diabetes,
people that want to go on diets and he have been, he himself went on certain diets. So
we made this for people who want to be healthy and going on certain diets. These are perfect
for vegans and a lot of people. Jordan: Well, and you make a good point because
you talked about this particular flavor, crackled cheezy almonds. Austin: Yes, non-dairy at all. Jordan: Now, there’s a z in it, it’s not cheesy. Austin: No. Jordan: It’s cheezy. Austin: Yes. Jordan: So this doesn’t even have any cheese. Austin: No, no. So what’s cool about this
is we’ve seen some type of cheesy snacks either they have dairy or they don’t, or they don’t
really taste like actual cheese. So we’ve actually figured out a way to make it taste
like cheese using nutritional yeast. Jordan: Well, what makes yeast nutritional?
Because I know it’s called nutritional yeast, but is it really nutritional? Austin: Yeah, and those are actually good
for you, it helps repair the gut and it’s also a very good for you also making . . . it
taste amazing and better for you, Jordan: I ate almost a whole bag last night.
So I’m Jordan Rubin here on Ancient Medicine Today. We are broadcasting live with Austin
Majors from Brothers Nuts. And folks, if you’re someone who snacks which is pretty much everybody,
I want to encourage you to support this company. We have brought the Nut Brothers or the Majors
Brothers into our offices in Nashville. We’re in the process of giving them a tour behind
the scenes so we are sort of chronicling you going through each departments so we were
just showing them the editing suite. We said, “How about doing a live broadcast with us,
that will really sort of immerse you in what we do.” And so we’re really excited about
that and we’ve talked at draxe.com about having a heart to partner and mentor companies but
part of that is supporting the mission. You know, most businesses that start don’t
make it. Could you imagine putting your money in the hands of mission-driven people who
want to change the world, who want to fulfill a legacy, and are passionate about helping
kids their age and their parents be healthier? That’s what Brothers Nuts does. Austin: Yeah. Jordan: You know, what I love to say is vote
with your dollar and I certainly vote. It’s a privilege and a responsibility but rather
than just voting on a ballot what if we purchase foods that promotes sustainable agriculture
that promote the organic movement that promote the, or discourage chemicals and processed
ingredients. Well, I have a quick question, off topic, how many and which Brothers Nuts
products do you eat every day? Austin: So, really we’re making this daily,
on a daily basis, but a lot of people ask us what’s our favorite flavor. So our favorite
flavor, and lots of times it depends on the person. If you like sweet things, I’m going
to guide you either towards these sweet apple pecans and the sweet and salty sunflower seeds,
or if you like some savory things or you like the cheese, crackled cheezy almonds. And,
what a lot of people may not know is the crackled cheezy almonds are one of our best sellers. Now, of course, they all sell amazing since
they all are amazing but a lot of people love our special ingredient, the nutritional yeast
and how it actually taste like cheese but it’s non-dairy. Jordan: Awesome. I’m going to give you two
tips when it comes to business. Number one, when someone ask you a question give them
the answer you want to give them which you did. So I said which nuts do you eat every
day, and you said, “Well, people ask me what are the best flavors.” Austin: Yeah. Jordan: And the other one is when someone
says what’s your bestseller, always say they all sell the best. Austin: Exactly. Jordan: You did it buddy, good job. Maybe
you should be teaching me. All right, so we have multiple ingredients that you use as
a base. So I’m going to put you on the spot while . . . well, there’s a reason because
I’m going to actually eat some of these because I’m hungry. There’s almonds, you use pumpkin
seeds, you use walnuts and you use pecans. Could you give me some quick benefits about
each nut or seed, because they’re all different? They all provide different nutrients. They
have a different taste, but I bet you’d be interested in knowing why each of them are
good. If you leave anything out, I’ll just add something. Austin: Yes. So walnuts, I’m going to start
with walnuts. Walnuts are very good for you. They’re full of Omega 3 fatty acids, in short,
very crucial for your health and body. Now, were at the pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds are
actually a lot of people don’t know. Pumpkin seeds are very good for you. They’re very
good for your stomach and your body as well as we have some . . . so our sweet and salty
sunflower seeds. Now, these ones are actually one of our healthiest flavors but are also
sweet. These have two of the healthiest seeds out there. There is sunflower seeds and chia
seeds. Jordan: Wow. Austin: Now, a lot of people don’t know that
chia seeds are in here, well, again, a lot of people already know that those are super,
super healthy for you. Moving on, we have the pecans. Now, the pecans are one of our
sweetest flavors and, of course, pecans are amazing for you, almost all of these nuts.
All of these nuts are amazing healthy for you. But now I’m getting in some of the ingredients
in this. This is a sweeter nut, a sweeter flavor, and so in here it’s sweetener. We
use stevia and xylitol. Now, those are two natural sugar alcohols that don’t really raise
your blood sugar at all. So those are very good for you, and, yeah. Jordan: Okay, so pecans are high in B6, pumpkin
seeds are high in zinc and a good plant source of iron, good for the prostate and they have
something called beta sitosterol, you’re going to remember that next time, right? Austin: Yeah, I will, yeah. Jordan: And that’s really good for cholesterol.
Sunflower seeds, you know, that I heard years ago that the army, I think it was an American
army in World War II they didn’t have much food but they found a big sort of storage
place of sunflower seeds and they lived on a half a cup of sunflower seeds a day because
it’s so rich in B vitamins and has various fatty acids including oleic acid which is
Omega 9 also Omega 6. Walnuts you mentioned, I’m going to show you these. These are kind
of cool. So walnuts are high in Omega 3s but I don’t know if you ever realize this Austin,
they kind of look like a brain. Austin: They do, yeah. And they’re very good
for your brain as well. They’re full of oil. Jordan: I think my brain looks just like this.
So walnuts have Omega 3s. You know what the Omega 3 in walnuts is? Austin: It helps . . . it’s good for your
brain. Jordan: Do you know what the name is of? Austin: No. Jordan: I got to sound smarter than you. Come
on, just say you don’t know, alpha-linolenic acid, same as in flax seed. Austin: Okay. Jordan: These are really good too, but almonds
also have a lot of minerals. Nuts are great sources of minerals. And I’ve heard that almonds
are the king of the nuts. Austin: I think they are as well. A lot of
people really like those and they’re really healthy for you. Jordan: Almond, somebody once said that if
eat nine almonds a day you’ll be much, much healthier. Almonds have something called amygdalin
which is vitamin B17. It’s the bitter principle but it’s only in the skin. So you don’t want
to blanch them. Austin: Exactly, yeah. Jordan: These are outrageously good. Austin: Yeah. Jordan: So folks, I’m Jordan Rubin with Ancient
Medicine Today brought to you by draxe.com and we’re here talking about the Majors family
and Brothers Nuts. So here’s the deal folks, if you want to be on mission with these boys,
you don’t see Caleb, he’s off camera right now. He’s sort of running the stuff behind
the scenes. But they are on a mission to transform the way America snacks. So if you visit brothersnuts.com,
you can order these products shipped directly to you. And they’re made by these wonderful
boys and their mom who you said is a pretty good cook. Austin: Oh, yes. She’s . . . Jordan: But probably a really good cook, right,
because we’re on camera, and she’s watching. Austin: Really, yeah. Jordan: So these products are awesome. We
sampled them with our kids last night. I ate a lot of them. They ate a lot of them. I think
every human being would love the crackled cheezy almonds, and they’re very loud. I was
even making noise while chewing it. Austin: Yeah. No, that’s with the sprouting. Jordan: I have to say that the sweet apple
pecans are a great sort of salty sweet combo but I really liked the . . . what did I like?
I like them all but I really, really liked the pumpkinseeds. And this is sort of my sleeper,
the sweet and salty sunflower seeds are really, really good. You can make a trail mix out
of all of them. Austin: Exactly. Jordan: So I heard that . . . now everybody,
folks if you snack, go ahead and support brothersnuts.com, visit their . . . buy their product. We’re
helping to mentor them a little bit in their business but what’s new on the horizon for
Brothers Nuts. You gave me a little secret of some new flavor that’s coming out that
sounded awesome. Austin: Yes, so what we’ve been doing recently,
we have seasonal releases. So we’ve done it for the fall months, the winter months, but
we’re actually be coming up the spring release. And so just a little seeker for you guys watching
this live, it is going to be a nice little hint, it’s going to be having lavender in
it. And what’s going to be calling the lemon lavender cashews. I’m not going to tell you
any of the ingredients except the lavender cashews, so try to guess and see . . . make
sure you try them when they come out. Jordan: Okay. And I heard they taste like
cookies. I mean they’re sweet, right? Austin: A lot of, yeah. They’re sweeter. Jordan: Using lavender is really great. We
talked a little bit a about lavender on this program because we love lavender as an essential
oil. Austin: Exactly, yeah, very good. Jordan: So you’re 12, you’re going to be 13
in the summer, right? Austin: Yeah. Jordan: So if someone is watching today and
they’re inspired because you are an A student, you have a great sense of fashion clearly.
And you are the co-owner of a business, what advice do you have for somebody who is a preteen
or teenager that wants to make a difference in the world? Why are you doing this in running
a business when other kids are sort of messing around and playing video games? Austin: Exactly, yeah. No, so we are the future
and all the teenagers and kids are the future. We have to shape our world to how we want
it to be. So we believe that if you have an idea that you think will change the world,
go out and get it, do it. So that’s what we did and we believe that changing the world
is making everyone healthy. Jordan: Okay. So one more time, Brothers Nuts
makes sprouted, delicious snacks to transform your health. Austin: Exactly, yes. Jordan: So we’ve got crackled cheezy almonds.
No cheese, it’s cheezy, with a z. Austin: No cheese, no. Jordan: Cheezy, that could be like a wrapper
name, right? Cheezy. Austin: And it could, a little cheezy. Jordan: Then we’ve got sweet and salty sunflower
seeds. These are sweet and salty, very self-explanatory. Spicy basil pumpkin seeds, basil is a pretty
awesome herb. Austin: Yeah. Jordan: It’s got a lot of benefits in and
of itself. Austin: Exactly, yeah. Jordan: Then we have garlic salty walnuts. Austin: You know they’re very, very simple.
All that is in there it’s walnuts, olive oil and garlic, sea salt. Jordan: Awesome, and it’s great for your brain. Austin: Exactly. Jordan: It looks like a brain. Austin: Yup. Jordan: And last but not least sweet apple
pecan, which I’m going to try a few in just a moment. Notice I’m sort of eating my way
through this program. So Austin, if I were to ask you to tell me what you envision for
the future of Brothers Nuts? We’ve talked a little bit about this yesterday but I’m
a big believer in casting a vision, so thousands, hundreds of thousands are watching so where
do you see Brothers Nuts going in the future? Austin: Yes. So we want to be that main snack
that everyone knows. We want everyone eating these instead of these chips, these artificial
snacks and all these snacks that are killing you and making you not healthy. We want these
to be your number one to go-to snack. Jordan: I’m glad you didn’t mention brand
names. That was awesome. Austin: Yes. Jordan: Because we worked on that because
for a fact you sort of want to say the brand names but we try not to do that around here.
We only speak positive about competition, but I really love these products and we at
draxe.com want to help you grow and succeed. Folks, how awesome is it that you get a chance
to invest in the lives of others and invest in your own health at the same time. So visit
brothersnuts.com and as always, if you like this information, punch that like button,
click that share button, we want this video to break all records because we want our children
to transform the world and these boys are doing it and they can’t do it without you,
right? Austin: Exactly, yes. Jordan: I even was talking to your mom about
how customer service friendly you are and they will do whatever it takes to deliver
you a great product. And now let me ask you this, these are really delicious but do you
actually make these? I mean, do you actually make these? Austin: Yes. No, we oversee everything and
we actually make them ourselves. We sprout them. We flavor them. We do everything ourselves.
We make sure that you get the most premium best snacks. Jordan:That is absolutely awesome. Now we
want to go ahead and give you a chance on Ancient Medicine Today to ask a couple of
questions. So if anyone has any questions, go ahead and shoot them. I think we have a
couple and I’m going to try to answer them. I bet Austin can answer them. So what questions
do we have, ladies? Woman:All right. We have a few people asking,
do you have gluten-free options? Austin:Yes. No, every absolutely every single
one of our seeds and nuts are actually gluten free, which is amazing. And they’re a lot
of other things. They’re great for vegans. They’re dairy free, gluten free, everything. Jordan:Can omnivores eat them? Austin:Yeah. Jordan:Can carnivores eat them? Austin:Yes. Jordan:Can flexitarians eat them? Austin:Yes. Jordan:Okay. Everyone can eat them. What’s
the other question? Flexitarian is a vegetarian with big muscles. Actually, not really. Woman:Where do you guys ship to? Where can
people get them? Austin:So we ship them to all the states in
the United States. We ship them all across the United States, wherever you’re at. Jordan:You know, we have an international
audience, so there’s a lot of people right now in Schutgard [SP] Germany or Switzerland
or wherever that is that are very disappointed. But who knows? Brothers Nuts could go international.
How does a London office sound to you? Austin:Yeah. No. We are always getting ready
to get international. We’ve had so many questions on that. We’ve been working on that every
day. Jordan:Well, folks . . . Oh, we have another
question? You’re popular today. I don’t usually get this many questions. Woman:Yeah, are your snacks organic? Austin:Yes. So what we had is we have raw
nuts, and if not all, almost all of our ingredients are organic. Yeah. Jordan:So they’re currently not certified
organic. This is a small business. What makes America great. But they told me yesterday
they want to work towards getting organic certification, so we’re going to help work
with that. Because I remember when I started my business I was a lot older than you and
I still didn’t know the ropes. I don’t know why we have to know ropes, but I didn’t know
the business. Let’s just say that. But I’m really excited about what you’re doing
buddy. I’m proud of you. Austin:Thank you. Jordan:Now listen, we always tell you here
at Ancient Medicine Today and draxe.com to be on mission with us. This is a really important
mission. We have a company here that was started by a family that’s committed to changing the
world and these boys are carrying on the legacy of their father. So you’ve heard the term
“pay it forward.” Well, this is a double whammy for you. You get to support these boys, this
family, and you get to transform your health. I promise you folks if you try the crackled
cheezy almonds, if you try . . . These are so good. I said I was going to eat them, the
sweet apple pecans. Al of these are great. You have sample packs. I have one more question for you. If someone’s
out there and says, “I want to get going with Brothers Nuts,” what product or tells about
your biggest, awesomest pack. Austin:Yeah. So what we have is online, there’s
a little thing, instead of ordering singlely every single flavor. It’s a pack that you
can get one flavor of each, a big size or a small size. And when you do that, you also
get a discount on it as well. Especially if it’s your first time trying, if you don’t
want to get the all big pack, get a small one of each. It’s called a starter pack. There’s
a small starter pack and a deluxe starter pack. Make sure you get that. You save money
and you get one of each of the amazing flavors. Jordan:Oh, forget the small because the third
tip of business is tell them about the deluxe starter pack. Austin:Yeah, no. Jordan:The deluxe always just sounds better. Austin:Yeah, and you save way more money by
going to the big. You get more and you save more money and that’s what is amazing and
you’re still getting that amazing taste. Jordan:If someone out there is watching and
wants to hire you for their commercial, how can you be reached? Austin:Oh, so you can reach us at [email protected]
All one word, no capitals. And you can do that or of course it’s on our website and
we’re also on Facebook Brothers Nuts. Make sure you go to our Facebook page and go like
us there. Jordan:We like to say punch that like button. Austin:Exactly, yeah. Jordan:Elbow that share button, all that.
I’m just learning this stuff. You’re probably more technologically inclined than me. But
folks, I’m excited about having Austin on. But please don’t start watching his program
instead of ours. Still stay on Ancient Medicine Today because we do have some more adult stuff
sometimes, but not that kind of adult stuff. But you know what I mean. I think you might
steal our audience here. We’ve got to be very careful. Austin:Maybe, yes. Jordan:Once you get one there with Austin,
it’s probably hard to get off. Also, check out our Instagram today because we are giving
a tour of the Dr. Axe offices of Caleb and Austin Majors and their mom, Andrea, who’s
behind the camera. She created the brothers who created the nuts. That’s pretty awesome.
But we are mentoring them and we’re hoping that we can help them grow in their business
and we’re hoping we can help you grow in your health. Folks, I want to remind you Ancient Medicine
Today is on each and every weekday, Monday through Thursday 10:30 a.m. Central time and
we are here to transform your health. Also, do you want to know more about nuts and seeds
and any other health topic? Visit draxe.com and there’s nearly 2000 articles that’ll help
transform your health and I know what you’re going to do. You’re going say how many more
episodes can we get with Austin. We’re working on it. We’re talking to his agent. We’re trying
to get a package deal. We want the deluxe, supreme Austin package for our program, so
he will be back. I’m Jordan Rubin. Austin:I’m Austin Majors. Jordan:God bless you. See you next time.