CORONA VIRUS in TURKEY The First Case ! March 11 2020

hey guys welcome to my channel fatty
here as a person who is making videos about Istanbul and Turkey especially for
the tourists I have to give you this information unfortunately the first case
of coronavirus just arrived to Turkey the Minister of Health and Welfare made
an announcement earlier just few minutes ago that we have the first case of the
corona virus in Turkey he is a male and he’s kept in hospital right now totally
isolated and so they will be following the situation as you know that Turkey
was one of the few countries that they don’t have the coroner virus yet we will
see what’s gonna happen next I hope it’s not gonna spread around Turkey and it
will stay only with one person I hope he will get well soon so not more not a lot
of people will be affected and they’re guessing that it’s a right from Europe
from a passenger this is the first case of Turkey a lot of people of course
we’re planning to come to Turkey but because we don’t have the coroner virus
earlier this is the breaking news for now if I get more informations I will
try to inform you about Turkey and the corona virus in Turkey if you are
planning to visit Turkey and if you want to get more informations you can just
subscribe to my channel I will be informing you with this channel thank
you for watching bye bye The corona virus first case was in Wuhan in China 90 days earlier. It spreaded a lot of countries in few weeks Its spreaded globally yet as Turkey we had the corona virus just now The neighborhood countries didn’t get the precautions earlier and they had the corona virus earlier