Coronavirus FAQ: How Do People Get Infected?

– Fortunately, in the United
States at the present time, the risk of infection is very low. We have a relatively
small number of cases. They are increasing, and
as we test more people, we will find more cases, but the absolute risk
to the average person continues to be very low. Fortunately, also, most of the time when most people get sick, they
get mildly or moderately ill and recover completely. So we need to keep that into perspective. If the virus enters my community or yours, let’s all listen to the local
public health authorities and they will give us advice, probably a lot about social distancing. In other words, you become a
little bit of a semi-hermit for a while, and don’t go out in crowds. That makes it less likely
that you’ll catch it, and if you have it, less
likely that you’ll give it.