#Coronavirus in India Latest Updates | Corona Virus Precautions | Covid 19 | Dr Sharmila

Hi viewers! Am Dr. Sharmila,
Sr. Consultant Pediatrician, Apollo Hospitals. In my previous video about Corona virus, it was not reported in India. We then discussed about the precautions. Now, there are cases being reported in India,
especially from both the Telugu states. Is this reason enough to panic? Let’s now discuss about the precautionary measures and more information you have
to be aware of in this video. Firstly, we need not be frightened. What’s the panic all about? Let’s keep the biology of this aside
and do some math. Consider accidents and other lifestyle
diseases like heart attack, diabetes high blood pressure, stroke different kinds of infections. Lot of people are victims to these. Corona death rates are very less
compared to these causes. Every time we step out of the house, do we think about losing our lives in an accident? So, what makes us so scared of Corona? The mortality rate is less than 3 per 100 cases. And these are reported only in China. It is much lesser outside China, about 1/10th. However, we are still horror-struck. Please don’t be scared. But yes, we have to take precautions. Don’t panic, but be aware.
And, be safe. What should be done?
Just 2 basic measures. Hand hygiene and respiratory hygiene. Regarding hand hygiene/hand wash, it is being reported that medical stores are being
invaded for alcohol-based sanitizers. All you need is soap. Wash your hands with soap
and water for 30 seconds. Sanitizers does not help more than that. Yes, it is as only effective as washing your
hands with soap and water. If you don’t find one, does not mean
you’ll be infected with Corona. Hand sanitizers helps doctors remain uninfected while consulting several patients. Because it is practically not possible to wash our hands
for 30 seconds after seeing every patient. Bit, others don’t need it. You’re safe as long as you use soap and water. Keep washing your hands frequently. Do not touch your eyes, mouth or nose
without washing your hands properly. Wherever you go or even while at home,
keep washing your hands frequently. This is very important. Next is respiratory hygiene. People with cold and cough should
definitely follow this. Looks like everyone except them are struggling. If you frequently cough or sneeze
or experience eye secretion, please keep your hands clean by washing
them frequently. And, use your elbow while sneezing. Use hand-kerchiefs or tissue papers. And, it is important to dispose them properly. You can dispose them in the yellow bins,
if you are at a hospital. Even otherwise dispose them properly. Wash the clothes and hand-kerchiefs well
and dry them under sun This is very important too. These are the two very important measures. Just make sure that you follow these!
That is more than sufficient! Apart from hand hygiene and respiratory hygiene
there is one more precaution. If anyone around you is showing symptoms like
cold, cough, fever etc. and, they cough or sneeze, it is safe to maintain a distance of at least 6 feet. Because this virus spreads via droplets, like saliva. So ensure you are not exposed. This not an airborne infection. So, do not worry. If you maintain a distance of 6 ft., you need
not worry about being infected. One very important question I get from
my patients on a daily basis is, if they send their kids to school.
(because am a pediatrician) And, if adults can continue to go to work? Absolutely. Though it is contagious, it is not deadly. And, especially right now considering
the number of cases reported. Our population is above a billion, but the number of cases are just 2 digit numbers! So, please do not worry or be scared. You can continue with normal life! But also make sure that your kids are
also aware of hand and respiratory hygiene. And, one very interesting thing, Covid-19 in less than 19 years old is very little. In fact, less than 1% of the cases. So, kids are safe. However, avoid going to public or crowded
places unnecessarily. This is very important too. There is one more important thing to discuss. Frenzy about masks! Everyone is wearing
a mask these days. Is that required? If you don’t show symptoms like cold or cough,
will the mask protect you? To tell the truth, also according
to WHO guidelines, and some simple logic, any one with cold, cough or sneeze
should be the one wearing masks. But everyone is scared and people are
over-buying these masks, because of which the infected or those who show symptoms are not able to find the masks. Please don’t do this. This has happened in other countries
and now happening in India as well. While wearing and removing the mask, do not touch the front of the mask. That is where the possible virus could be. That is where the droplets fall
if someone coughs or sneezes. Unaware of this, people touch their eyes,
mouth or nose. This causes more infection than
without wearing a mask. So, don’t wear masks unnecessarily. Make sure it is available for
those who really need it. And, try to avoid going to crowded places. At least till we get to know the
complete behavior of this virus. But, if it is unavoidable you can use masks. The colored surface of the mask
should be outside when you wear them. Check the correct way of wearing masks
before using them. Do not touch the front of the
mask while removing it. And, wash your hands properly. It is very important. Another information about masks. No matter what kind of mask you use,
it is effective for not more than a day. Particularly, few people are purchasing the N95 masks. That is not required. That is meant to be used by medical personnel. And, for those who treat patients
tested positive for Corona virus. Don’t trouble yourself! Not just because of the Corona virus, but
this is a very common question from feeding mothers, if they can breastfeed the baby if they have
fever, cold or cough. Yes, you can continue to breastfeed. Even if it is any other viral infection. But wear a mask while feeding, so that
the baby does not get infected via saliva or sneeze. If the mother is tested positive, the new born baby has to be separated
for a period of 14 days, according to the latest guidelines. And, people also ask if pregnant woman is tested positive for Corona,
will the baby be infected too. According to the data available right now,
vertical transmission is not reported. But, after the baby is born he/she has to be separated for about 10-14 days. There are lots of messages about alternate therapies and specific super foods that helps prevent Covid-19. But does
this actually work? Not really. It is not even 3 months since the onset of Corona virus. We need to study the Corona virus in detail
to validate these. However, it is important
that we take a balanced diet and sleep well. These 2 factors help build immunity. Particularly, in summer take lot of fruits
and water. This is always good for health. This probably is one good effect of
the Corona virus. Everyone is now looking at eating
a balanced diet to help build immunity. That’s good, however it may not
completely protect us. It is not a vaccine. Hand hygiene and respiratory hygiene
are very important. Compared to the previous pandemics, how different or similar is Covid-19? Let me reiterate. By now, we know that this virus is highly contagious. It tends to spread easily and quickly. But, why should we fear since it is not deadly. The mortality rate is less than 3%.
Don’t worry. Every viral spread will have similar history. Initially, the number of cases reported will be high. It will gradually reduce and
later the virus would disappear. Previously, with the sister viruses of Corona,
SARS and MERS this is what was observed. The silver lining to this is, the mortality rate of Covid-19 is very
less compared to SARS and MERS. When SARS and MERS did not affect our country,
why fear Corona?! There is a list of countries where the
transmission is very high. Restrict travel to these countries at all cost. If any international travel can be postponed, please do that for the next 3-4 months. In the meanwhile, we’ll get to
know the history of the disease. Based on which we can take
more precautionary measures. Are medicines and vaccines available? This is another frequently asked question. Vaccine for any new virus would take at least a year. The vaccines for Corona’s sister viruses
were recently invented and are almost ready to release. One of the viruses is very similar to Corona. We’ll have to wait and see how effective it is. But, usually the virus dies down naturally before
the vaccine is invented. So, don’t worry. And, the medicines are almost here. There are medical reports that few
medicines are effective. There are high chances that an
effective medicine will be available soon. So, don’t panic. Just be aware. Thank you!