COVID-19 Questions Answered: Are hospitals safe and prepared?

VCU Health and the
experts we have at this institution and the leaders in the institution are staying abreast of the COVID-19 situation. We are preparing to the fullest extent
possible for the arrival of cases to Central Virginia into our healthcare
system. We have policies and protocols in place but people need to understand that
the situation is fluid. We’re learning more and more about this new virus, the
disease transmission, the management, etc. and we will make adjustments in our
policies according to what we learn and as the situation changes. If you have a medical condition –
infectious or otherwise – and you need medical attention come to the hospital.
We’re here to help you and to treat all people. We have practices protocols and
processes in place to keep you safe from healthcare associated infections
not only things such as COVID-19 but also other more common
healthcare associated infections. We’re here to protect you from that while
giving you high quality care. At the point of entry to the healthcare system
like the emergency department or an ambulatory clinic ,we rapidly initiate a
series of questions and these series of questions look at symptoms, signs and
also any relevant or potential exposure that would trigger the response of us
immediately taking the patient to a more private waiting area, placing
a mask on the patient so they’re less of an infectious risk to others and rapidly
triaging them through the process of evaluation.