Does This Viral Hack Actually Revive Dried-Out Markers? | Hack or Wack | Lifehacker

– This strikes me as a dangerous
one, if used improperly. – Hack or Wack is the most dangerous game. (laughing) (upbeat music) – So, today’s Hack or Wack was sent to us by our fellow video
producer, Tehseen Haider. And, this one is for all of
you science teachers out there. – ‘Cause there’s a white board. – Is your Expo pen dried out? Grab the nearest rope-like thing, tie it on nice and tight, use gravity and hope it doesn’t hit you. Make sure you have the lid on so you don’t get stuff everywhere. Gravity! And look at that. – I understand how that works. (laughs) – But does it work? Is why we’re here. Here, do you wanna grab
these dry ones that we have? – Yeah, let’s grab these dry ones, so these don’t work so well. – These don’t work, and let’s prove it. So, these are actually completely dry. You got a little something. – [Abu] Mine’s a little
better, but it could… – So, we have a rope-like thing. – [Abu] Total sweetheart. – [Joel] Now we tie it to this. – [Abu] Definitely wanna
get it nice and tight, because, like he said,
gravity is gonna be involved here very shortly. – You know, I think the tying
thing’s the hardest part. – Yeah. I’m not so confident about
my knot, but it’s there. – [Joel] Were any of us Boy
Scouts or possibly sailors? (Abu laughs) – No, I was just raised on
the hard streets of Pakistan. You learn a thing or two, though. I also have to yell gravity, right? That’s part of it? – [Joel] I think that’s–
– Gravity! (laughs) – It does not work
unless you yell gravity. (laughs) – That was kinda fun. – [Joel] You spun, here lemme
give mine a little spin. – Yes. – Oh, yeah, I feel like it could be a toy for the children. – Yeah. It could be the latest TikTok challenge. (laughs) – Okay, don’t dry that unless
you have insurance, like us. Moment of truth. – Moment of truth. I actually–
– Yours looks pretty wet. – Yeah, look at this. Look, it’s starting to
drip the color even outside of the cap here, like that. Or off the edge, there. That’s interesting. – Let’s try mine first. – Yeah, yep. – ‘Cause mine looks completely dry. – I think that’s the real test. – [Joel] It’s still completely dry. – [Abu] Oh. – Yeah, this is totally dry. But let’s see yours,
– Okay. – Let’s see if it’s improved. – [Abu] Oh, yeah.
– [Joel] Oh, much better. – [Abu] Look at that. – If your marker’s not fully dry, – Yeah.
– It’s just a little dry, then this is a good way to revive it. If it’s completely dried out,
just not even spinning it and shouting gravity will save it. – Gravity can only do so much. – So, what do we say? Tying your dried out dry erase marker on a rope-like thing, (laughs) spinning it around and shouting gravity… (laughs) hack or wack? – I’m gonna go ahead and
say wack on this one. And, my reasoning is
basically that you don’t need the ritualistic rope and gravity yelling to achieve what I could
just do with my hand, like this real quick. I don’t think it’s exponentially better than just shaking it with my hand. As I used to do back in school to get this back. – Well, wait, let’s see. So, you just drew that little squiggle that’s a little bit faded again. Why don’t you give it a few good shakes and see if we can… Do you still wanna shout gravity? – No, see, I’m saving you the
energy of shouting gravity, too, this is my hack. – Yeah, you just shaking it
definitely did the same effect. – So, I’m gonna call wack on this one. – Yeah. – I don’t think it does anything
that you couldn’t just do in, like four seconds of shaking it. – More like shake or wack. No, nope? Okay. (laughs) (intense music)