Firmino fires home a dramatic winner | Wolves 1-2 Liverpool: Highlights

There goes the delivery – and
a Liverpool header, and a Liverpool goal! Jordan Henderson at the near post. Moutinho for Neves, there’s the header in. Oh, it’s wide from Doherty. Oh, Traore’s made a mess of that,
and Mo Salah! Denied by Rui Patricio. Two wait in the middle. There’s the cross – oh, lovely goal. It’s Traore. Brilliant hand, wonderful Alisson save again. Jimenez goes now, flag stays down,
might have to go on his own. And Alisson used all his body to keep it out. Is this Liverpool’s moment? Salah has support, he goes on his own… This is Wijnaldum, Firmino again. Gets the break – Firmino! Rui Patricio with a save equally as big as
any of those Alisson has made in this half. Salah still trying
to create something himself, here’s Firmino! The road warrior does it again for Liverpool. Four wait in the middle,
beautifully taken down. Oh, dear. They say you always get one chance,
and that was a chance.