Is The 12 Hour Yeast Infection Cure A Scam?

Hi there, Eric Bakker again, Candida Crusher.
FAQ No. 10. This is an interesting FAQ and one I see from time to time. Can I believe in the 12-hour yeast infection
cure? Well, what do you think? How can you cure
Candida in 12 hours? What a line of bologna. It’s not possible. You can’t cure Candida
in 12 hours any more than you can pay off a mortgage in 12 months. You can’t own a house
in 12 months. You can’t get rid of an infection in 12 hours. It’s ridiculous. It took time to build the infection; it’s
going to take time to get the immune system rallying up so it can get rid of the infection.
Allow yourself three to four months at a minimum, and if you’ve had a chronic infection, allow
your 12 months at a minimum. That’s common sense. And common sense doesn’t seem to be
very common in medicine these days. So I hope that answers your question. It’s
not possible to cure a yeast infection in 12 hours. It’s ridiculous. Thank you.