Medcor; Passionate Health Advocates

from the studios in Hollywood to the
World Trade Center site in New York, Medcor is a passionate health advocate
for our clients all over the country. But hold on
what does passionate health advocate mean? Well it’s simple. If someone gets
hurt or sick at work than Medcor is right there
at the workplace to give the best possible care. There’s no driving to a
clinic or waiting in the ER. We’re right where the employee is, right now. And we smile
and we are dedicated and we’re genuinely happy to help.
That’s the passionate part. It’s what Medcor calls a positive patient experience.
Interesting huh? Look it’s now rocket science, it’s just great efficient medical services
and people love it. They’re healthier their bosses are happier and it lowers
healthcare costs for our clients. and we’ve been doing this for decades now. From
the hikers at Lake Yellowstone to retail workers in Minneapolis. From construction
workers on wind farms in the Great Plains to roughneck working on oil rigs
in Texas. From Big Pharma and Boston to the corporate staff at our home and
McHenry, Illinois, we have proven that if you offer great efficient medical
services then people get healthier medical costs go down at the end of the
day everyone is happier. That’s what a passionate health advocate is. That is Medcor. If this speaks to you then please speak