Operation suggested for Cyst found in Liver reversed by Kaushikji Dhandhukiya !!!

What is Your name? My name is Rasila. Where do you live? -At Mumbai What was the health problem of your daughter? The doctors said that she had a cyst in liver. They also suggested a surgery for the same Then I was in Surat where I visited Swasthya Premi Pariwar regarding the problem where Kaushikbhai suggested the remedy for the same and said it will be cured within 15 days. Then after taking the treatment for only 15 days we visited hospital at Mumbai again where doctors reported that now there is no need to do the surgery After finishing treatment, was there any need for surgery? No, doctors refused the surgery and said that ther is no need and she is okay now and even gained weight to a reasonable level Did Kaushik Ji asked for any fees or expensive medicines? No, nothing at all. As whatever the remedy was from home made recipes. Is she okay now? – Yes, totally. Thank you Mrs. Rasila