Sex Offenders Treated Like They’re Infected With Coronavirus [Breaking News]

Thanks for joining us tonight. Here’s the latest authorities have reported that a man and his dog were enjoying time at a local beach earlier today, according to beach security footage. The man was playing fetch with his dog and casually walking the beach just like a normal person would, but beachgoers had a feeling something wasn’t quite right with the man. He was too outgoing and nice say witnesses. He talked to vacationers and even let children pet his dog. Families didn’t want to take the chance report show they grabbed their children and quickly left the beach for a location that was safer for their family. Local police demanded that the unidentified man go home and self isolate from the community for at least 10 years. The man reluctantly complied and is now quarantined inside his home. To counter future outbreaks of fear, the city council decided to launch a street map identifying men by making their home address. And other personal information available to the public. The mayor stated in her recent city council meeting customers of art bronc for Tom took the tots of Willis. Man, it’s probably less sadness. I’m not serving them family, the unidentified man who can’t find work to support his own family plans to become a social outcast and we hope we’re doing new firms. My morning our new is warmed. We with our Northern floats or early one or swirl. No other cities and States are now considering implemented an online database of offenders. So families don’t need to live in fear of their children being infected. President Trump is also expected to sign a new national law in the place tomorrow that effectively bands, former offenders from living a normal life. We’ll have more on this developing story tonight at 11