Signs Your Tattoo is Infected

What are the signs your tattoo is infected? Getting a tattoo is a fun and exciting way
to showcase your personality. Unfortunately, however, things sometimes go
wrong and you could wind up with an infection. If you have a fresh tattoo, it is important
to keep an eye on it for any signs or symptoms of infection. Here are three common signs your tattoo is
infected: Inflammation – Because the tattooing process
damages the skin, all new tattoos are inflamed to one degree or another. However, the inflammation should slowly fade
over a period of several days. If your tattoo is still swollen and inflamed
a few days after getting it, you may want to head back to the tattoo parlor to have
it inspected. Redness – Again, redness is a common occurrence
with a new tattoo. When you think about the trauma the skin undergoes
during the tattooing process, it makes sense. However, the redness should slowly fade over
time. If you notice that the redness does not seem
to be fading or is increasing, it could be a sign that it has become infected. Warmth – Infected skin tends to be warmer
than the surrounding skin. If you are worried your new tattoo is infected,
try placing your hand on it. If it feels hot to the touch, it may be infected. Severe infections may also cause fever. Try
taking your body temperature to see if it is elevated. Infection is something that should always
be taken seriously. If you ignore the early warning signs your
tattoo is infected, it can develop into a more serious problem. The best way to avoid any complications is
by closely monitoring your tattoo for the first week or so after you get it. Watch for any signs of inflammation, redness,
swelling or warmth. Do not hesitate to return to the tattoo parlor
to ask the artist to examine it for you. They have the necessary experience to spot
signs of infection and are usually more than happy to help.