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right away. Namaskar and welcome to the YouTube channel
of Karma Ayurveda and I am Nikhil Sharma
with kidney related information. Here you can get all the information related
to kidneys easily. I always try to bring new information related
to kidney diseases and so today. Today’s topic is ‘How to stop blood infection
in kidney naturally’ We will tell you about this in the video. Blood infection becomes a reason for the
kidney diseases. During this disease, the
bacteria reaches your kidney via bloodstream that causes disease. Generally, the symptoms of blood infections can be seen within a few
hours only. There can be multiple causes
of blood infection like overconsumption of painkillers, inattentiveness
towards diet other infections like urine infection and
not maintaining personal hygiene You can sense various symptoms like pain
on either side of the body. fever, chills,and fatigue loss appetite, vomiting etc. If you want to prevent this infection
then we will tell you a few preventive measures that will stop blood infection. First is
consume fewer amounts of proteins. In recent research, it has been observed
that consuming high amounts of proteins can
increase the amounts of waste in the blood. leading to a blood infection. So if you
want to abstain yourself from a blood infection
then you should not eat protein-rich foods. If
you are eating red meat then you may need to reduce its consumption
and increase the consumption of fruits. You can eat vegetable patties and lentils
soup instead of burger. second point is exercise regularly because
if you do so then your muscles are utilizing the energy
produced in the body. That will prevent the accumulation of
wastes in the body and kidneys will filter the blood correctly. You can practice
yoga and normal exercises too Third is be hygenic. So that you can keep
yourself away from bacterial and blood infection.
Keep your surroundings neat and clean. Forth is, go for the regualr checkups so
that you will get to know if you are affected
with blood infection or not. For that it
is necessary to take advice from your doctor and if you are affected with blood infection
then you can ask your doctor regarding this. Last is to keep a watch on your diet. For this, you
can ask your doctor and will tell you about your diet consumption. Such patients should be careful while consuming
sodium and sugar. And increase the consumption of vitamins.
If you have blood infections then you can
drink a few beverages too like first is Raisin water. If you drink
Raisin water for continuos four days then it will boost the functioning of kidneys
and the accumulated waste will get removed. Other benefits of raisin water,
like drinking raisin water boost the digestion system and purifies the blood. Consuming raisin water also eliminates acidity and prevents from heart diseases.
Second is Apple Cider Vinegar it helps cleanse the kidneys. Organic
Apple Cider Vinegar can be consumed by mixing it with lemon juice and water. It is a natural remedy for kidney detoxification. The third is
beetroot juice, it is rich in Vitamin B10 it is rich in antioxidants that increases
the production of urine and helps in kidney detoxification and prevents
from kidney stones last is carrot juice, it is loaded with antioxidants
in suffeicient amounts it helps in removing uric acid from kidneys and this is the reason why it is considered
as a boon for kidneys. So these were the information about ‘How
to prevent kidneys from the effects of blood
infection’ If you or anyone in your acquaintance is suffering
from kidney disease than you can contact Karma Ayurveda the details are mentioned in the description
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