Talking Shop w/ Bernie Sanders 4/6: Free Health Care: It Ain’t a Big Deal | Killer Mike

Sorry about that! We in the hood – pit bulls are running like DMX video. How great of an effect did DR. King had on your life It seems that you took up what he and that just – you know what pulled me to use your voters act interview you talk to you you talked about the
restoration of the voting rights and i And I remember thinking to myself “Who the fuck is this crazy white guy?” Like – it didnt even make sense to me! Because I have lived in Atlanta all my life and I’ve virtually heard no black politicians angry about it. I virtually heard no black politicians outraged about it You were the only voice of our race let me tell you something: this is true. I am very fierce believer in democracy. You know what? I love democracy. I love that facet that in this room somebody disagrees with me they say “you know what? Bernie you’re full of shit”. I’m gonna vote against you.” That’s fine. I love it. I love people thinking about what kind of future they want. And I feel because I’ve been in politics for many years running
many elections that these people all over America now as a result of the
Supreme Court decision to gut the voting rights day after – they are sitting up thinking “alright great! How do we deny people the right to vote?” They are cowards. The are cowards because they’re afraid to contest a free and fair election. They
can’t win it. So they gotta figure out how do I come up with some cockamamie scheme that are some little old lady the right to vote because she is gonna vote against it. That disgusts me. Profoundly disgusts me. So what we have got to do is in this country do what many other countries around the earth do. You’re 18 years of age? You’re registered to vote – let’s cut the rest of the crap. And you wanna commit vote fraud, you vote twice – youre gonna pay a heavy price for that. Okay. Everybody has the right to
vote end of discussion. The other thing I want
to talk about Mike – and I get back to the media on this. People think that some of the ideas that I have are very radical ideas. they are not radical ideas. Ever come to Burlington, Vermont? I havent been to Burlington – An invite thought I’ll definitely come. Alright, You’re invited. I’ll come. “Laughter” we live fifty miles from the Canadian boarder ok – Canada – everybody has healthcare as a right. It aint a big deal. They have had it for – I dunno – 50 years or so. It’s not a big deal. Go to the U.K. You been to the U.K? Often. Alright – Everybody has healthcare. Go to Scandanavia. Everybody has it. Go to Germany go to France, everybody has healthcare. Why are we the only major country that doesnt have healthcare for all of our people? Not a radical idea. Kids in the united states are
going to Germany. Do you know why they are going to Germany? They can get free tuition in college. Good schools. these are not radical ideas. And, you’re not B.S-ing because my rap partner and I Run the Jewels – we travel the world we’ve been around the world about four times now. we did 14 months straight. I spent my
summer in Europe and the first thing I asked Americans who preach fear of a 1
pier health care system for instance. I say: “you ever been to Europe? Most America’s (god bless them) – it’s a beautiful country we have every type of terrain every type of
wheather you like. But if you’ve never been outside of country you have no way to
appreciate how great this country is and how potentially great the country
could be if we can make some subtle changes and I see in Europe – I see other things working and I’m wondering how long before we catch up in
why do we keep having to play catch up we could see a good idea say we can
implement this idea this is a way for us to make in America but this is a worthy
idea. free health care for citizens make sense to me college makes sense to me because a
smarter constituency you have the smarter country you don’t have to worry
about importing other smart people you got it you know you grow your own and
that way your imports are an addition not a necessity to the point you’re
leaving yourself are most vulnerable you know how long before this country
becomes or is this a campaign of bullying in until other countries are
not willing to even cooperate with us you know so i don’t i don’t i don’t give
in to the international politics of it all but I traveled and I see things that
work other places and I know they were working this gets back to the point you raise a little while ago – about greed. I don’t have a problem with people making money. but I do have a problem with these guys who are worth billions
spending a lot of them a lot of their money and their time and energy. You know what they are trying to do?
destroy Social Security you got people in this community trying to get by
$12-13,000 a year. Why in god’s name would somebody stay up nights trying trying to cut their social security benefits. Cut their Medicare benefits? That’s pretty pathetic so you know if you’ve been
around the world you know that there are countries that do a lot better for the
children they have great child care do better on health care to better for
seniors so when they retire they can live with a little bit more dignity and
security now seniors get. That’s all im talking about, its not something radical. there’s an african proverb that says
many hands make for light work you know a lot of the tenement of socialism
with social democracies are are about you know everyone having some input and
I think that what people are missing from my community about not hearing your
voice today, youre not saying, sometimes we look up to rappers and athletes too much. you know every American looks up to the rich. Lifestyles of the rich and famous was here long before rap you know in terms of the
opulence but a lot of times we think well those people are in the right way
to get it and they don’t understand now that I’m closer to be financially
independent and I was a five years ago my accountant is giving me different advice now you they I i’m i’m i’m talk better ways to handle money that the regular public
never gets an opportunity to have or see you know. Fat Joe said he’s not telling
people to go out and vote but i’m rich aready i’m ok. I don’t even have to say
this I’m doing this for you guys I need from our community to understand that
your message directly impacts so I got a transition is conversation to prison
because some of the offers I’ve gotten invest money and have been companies
that supported private prisons we have essentially says Jim Crow in the south
on the chain gang should be in Georgia we have used we
have used prisoners essentially isn’t dishes are dirty and dangerous servant I
tell people when I was a kid I remember driving along the expressway an
expressway in Atlanta was cleaned by black men who worked for the city or the
county of the state you know I’m from a black city I got older and my teens and twenties I
start noticing that those crews were disappearing so city workers who had a
fairly who lived in the community that as a kid you got an opportunity to
get out of high school and not go to college still he get a good job those people start to fade and the
city truck started to fade and when I start to see was prisoners on a side of
the road cleaning cleaning highways and I thought you went to prison as
punishment not to be punished and we haven’t even gotten to the
rehabilitation phase what have we got a country with Barack Obama became the
first sitting president i’ll know how long to actually enter a prison is this is
this campaign to ratify prisons to choose to stop an illegal drug war that
really targets a particular color race and class of people do you continue that
and how vigorously will are going to be in because it directly affects
african-american males in particular what is happening to young male and
female african-american community is a tragedy almost beyond words right now
we’re talking we’re talking about people disagree on this one out of four black
male babies born today if we do not change it will you are talking about a
higher percentage of blacks in jail in america today that was the case under
apartheid in South Africa you are talking about hundreds of
thousands or even millions of black men who no longer have the right to the vote
because they were felons. Do you change that? Oh yeah, we change that. so felons get a right to vote what about get a job? felons the answer is yes my state that’s already the case. Felons can vote. wow. why? You got places like NY in the barber shop. One of the best barber schools in the nation is in one of their prisons
in places like New York and even Georgia if you’re feeling it’s harder if not
impossible to get a bargain slightly so not only can you not gonna get a job
working for corporations you can’t even be self-employed it took to produce for
yourself because the state doesn’t allowed and this is a point of having a
lot of people are aware there’s one thing you send ten years in jail that’s
terrible you got a police record just one year in jail for the job guy says: tell me about your last
year in jail. Have a nice day – we dont need you. hard to make a living credits hard to do
the things you need to know what happens when you’re off and running at the drugs
and something else right and it gets worse so I think this is an issue that
we have got to absolutely focus on and it’s not just reforming Police
Department. It’s not only doing away with minimum sentencing. But it is also taking a hard look at the so-called war on drugs
which has destroyed many people. so what have I done? just recently for a start. as you know, The controlled substance act the federal Controlled Substances act- says
that schedule 1 drug marijuana is the same as heroin what do you think about that?
I’m a marijuana smoker those absolute bullshit of course it’s crazy everybody knows
that’s crazy so we’ve taken by legislation would take marijuana out of
the controlled substance act completely that means you’re not subjected to
federal prosecution and if your state wants to go forward in legalize
marijuana as four states have well then They are not going to have any problems from the federal government you know of
any lives have been destroyed you tell me. Many I know. what we also becomes a
racial issue is it turns out whites and blacks utilize marijuana turns out that’s the
case four times as many blacks are arrested posssion as whites becomes a racial so I think this is an issue that we have got to absolutely deal with. I would love to see you just go on like a barber shop tour to to say this these things to back men in particular not because I think like black men are a separate base that you have to speak to especially but you know we get discouraged and we
just don’t go vote. you know a lot of the times when people say in a democratic vote is
already like people supposed democratic vote out of state of Georgia in Atlanta
particulars married to Hillary Clinton. That’s what they think. I dont follow that at all. I think that there is a sleeping giant
in this city of african-american men in particular and women who have had our
uncles, nephew’s, sons, husbands, fathers involved in the prison complex illegally
but we know about estate in those bullshit law I believe that there’s a
sleeping giant ready to wake up and support that candidate as part of a day
I need for people who look like me and who are sympathetic to people who look
like me you know I have a lot of white friends and advocate for things that
have no effect on their general community – honestly it’s a little better. if all the road blocks are on my side of town and not on theirs I will get caught with weed. they never will but they’re they’re adamant about helping to make sure that this gets fair I think there’s
a sleeping giant of voters now want to see like barbershops and Masonic lodges – I would to do it. Youre looking at a guy. I love democracy. I have had more town meetings in vermont we go to small towns few hundred people do it how many people come out we
talk are you take me to the barber shops I’ll be there.