Viral College Gymnast Nia Dennis Receives a Heartwarming Surprise from Ellen

Hey there. Hello. So nice to meet you. So nice to meet you. You’re awesome. And I don’t know a
lot about gymnasts, but I think that you were
very unique in playing a contemporary song like that. I see people doing songs,
but not like Beyoncé songs. Yeah. And it got a lot of attention. Like, 29 million
people have seen it. It’s crazy. And a lot of celebrities
have been getting in touch via Twitter, right? Yes. Who has reached out to you? Gabrielle Union, Alicia
Keys, Steve Harvey– you. You’re a legend to me. And I’m just so
honored to be here. So thank you for that. Thanks. Has Beyoncé reached out to you? Not that I know. Well she loves you. I told her you were on today,
and she absolutely loves you. Oh my God! So she sends love. I love you, too. So I know that the path
has not been easy, though. You had a little, some stumbles. What happened? Well, I was trying
out for 2016 Olympics. And I actually tore
my Achilles, like, three months before
the Olympics. And it was really
devastating because I felt like everything
I sacrificed, my family sacrificed, was
just went down the drain. And I really wanted
to quit gymnastics. But I had to really dig deep
and find it within myself to know that just
because one dream is gone doesn’t mean I’m going to
stop myself from achieving the rest of my dreams. Absolutely, absolutely. And you’re really good. Like, you’ve got to
just trust it, you know? It’s weird to say things
happen for a reason, but you just never know where
this is going to guide you. Exactly. And I understand you have a
very interesting person who inspires you. Who is that? My little sister. She is 10 years old– Maya. She loves me, adores
me, looks up to me. And honestly, on my days when I
feel like I can’t do it anymore or I just want to quit even
more, she just keeps me going. So I love her. Adorable. So she is 10 years old? Yeah, she’s 10. All right. Well, you’re a college athlete. I can’t give you gifts. You can’t, you know–
like, I’m not allowed to. But I wanted to give
you something that would mean something to you. So Maya, come on out. [MUSIC PLAYING] No you didn’t! (SINGING) –learn to fly. Hands up, and touch the sky. Let’s do this one last time. Hands up. Thank you so much. Thank you. All right. Thank you so much. How’s that? You’re welcome. Incredible. All right, you haven’t seen
her since Christmas, right? Yes. Yeah. So this is– isn’t
this exciting? Yes. I’m so excited. Thanks for being here. Thank you so much. We’ll take a break, and
we’ll let you stop crying. And then you can
perform after that. Or you can perform
while you cry. I don’t care. You can do whatever you want. We’ll be right back. Here to perform from the
UCLA Gymnastics Team– Nia Dennis. [MUSIC PLAYING] (SINGING) Hit me! Thank you. So good! Thank you so much. I just want to keep
doing that to you. Unbelievable! Thank you.