We TESTED Viral TikTok GIRLFRIEND Life Hacks!!

HI guys! Viral Haacks are they real? Are they fake? Shout out to Brennen the creator of this trend today? We’re gonna be testing Valentine’s Day girlfriend tik tok hacks Well, I get a girlfriend first step is did a girlfriend roll the clip how to get a girlfriend Hey, could you hold this real quick Thanks. You’re my girlfriend now Can you hold this yeah this Alright Kimber if I was a random guy and I tried the viral hand-holding hack on you as a girl honestly, though How do you feel about that? If you didn’t know a guy would you be their girlfriends? No? Absolutely would not be their girlfriends. I mean if they were cute maybe I would like talk to them. I don’t know It’s really weird. Okay. I don’t want to touch a stranger . All right, that kind of worked. Okay, here is another Viral pack, let’s see if this will help me get a girlfriend Are you a fever cuz damn I would take you to the movies, but they don’t love snacks Are you religious cuz you’re the answer to all my prayers? tie your shoes! Cause dam like the hoover Would take you to the movies, but they don’t allow snacks Hey, are you religious Yeah, because we’re the answer to all my prayers Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa tie your shoes. I don’t want you falling for anyone else All right, so we’re with Kimber Kimber Is my actual girlfriend, how do you feel about that? Like what would that work? Would you become my girlfriend for that? No, because I actually hate pickup lines. Did I use any pickup lines to pick you up? No, maybe this life hack does not work so does busted pickup lines don’t always work sometimes just you know Charisma, and just talking I guess. I don’t know. What did I say? I Don’t know you just a cute smile. What? Oh, that’s not a hack doesn’t my mom’s hack Oh How’d the cool tricks like that? Really? Okay, according to Kimber That one works. So I got a girlfriend now Wow who would have known? That’s the one that worked Let’s go try the next hack. Here we go real equip roll it how to get a girlfriend first Find a girl wearing a scrunchie Next shake her hand now take the scrunchie put it on to your hand Now we’re dating. Sorry Can I shake your hand ma’am Nice to meet you I’m your girlfriend. Now. Wait, I’m your boyfriend Wow. Okay as a boy Would you be my girlfriend after I stole your sketchy like that Um, no, really? No All right. Well this tick-tock of my fact is busted. This one is also busted so I’m gonna try another one. Here we go if I make this football into a basketball hoop, you have to want to date with me, but No, I Guess this calls for the the big boy play. Okay, this is this is how we’re gonna get it from real now Okay, Kimber. I’m making this You will be my girlfriend no! That’s the wind do you feel the wind Mm-hmm. I know I’m just teasing you if I make this you’ll be my girlfriend. Here we go We made it even like all for now Would that really work though for real? No it wouldn’t work Kidding me. That’s so still look at the skill No, why would I be your girlfriend you man a ping pong ball? It’s not. What do you see? How much work that tooth looks like? Oh here Okay, this is hard okay, we’re gonna try the next thing okay, here we go roll the clip What this fact you’ll need some chocolate some of these sprinkles and of course a little thing that looked like this First thing you’re gonna do is break some hearts There you go now you got a stick great chocolate in a bowl like this I got like cool funfetti Chocolate you always got to taste it to see if it tastes good Mmm, that’s pretty good. Take care of chocolate microwave Yes, take your newly stick you pierce it right here – oh You’re so annoying microwave. Oh my gosh have the most annoying like oh, okay. Cool. Look. We got this on a stick Now, this is great. Hey guys, this is 47 seconds. Chocolate is not even melted Yeah, if you want to add a pro tip add a little bit of oil I’m not going to add a little so much good pull a little bit olive oil just to help it feeling more goofy You know what the neck of you want you mix it make sure your chocolate mixture is it makes really wool? Pull that nice. This looks very nice Gonna help us make a prettier. Kick pop and dip that bad boy. Oh look how pretty your take-off is Wow Look at this Mine is way better than that guys on tik-tok. I’m not gonna lie. Oh my gosh. This is a beautiful Kick pop keep spinning it make sure it’s all covered It right there things flat. Ah, dang it don’t you guys hate this tap thing? Man, how am I supposed to do this with one hand? Yeah, get our sprinkles. You want to make sure this listing is old? Oh Yeah, my roommates Once we’ve done that but you also the fridge So next! Yes Oh curtain house you can that hole what how’d you know? We’re going excited yeah Yeah Yes, very excited. Okay. Okay, let’s go. Okay. Let’s get all right, cool. There we go Are you happy? Just came together yesterday Talk over no, I’m just kidding. Yeah, that’s we’re going REALLY happy Yeah, um, can I get a bean burrito in the red sauce? Who? Does I mean I mean get so fat trainees tick-tock hacks, I swear All right first they say this hack works, yeah, I Made you a surprise because I know Okay Do you Know This tik tok hack for me did not work. Would you fallen for this? Honestly, I really thought it was a kpop at first Honestly, I really thought it was yeah, but mine looks ten times better than the one on tik tok here I’m just gonna eat it and just prank myself. I’m gonna see what it tastes like cuz I’m curious Oh my god, I love cake pops Okay, very successful, oh my gosh won’t prank more people okay if you want to see more pranks Hit that button, but dollars will fail on to the next tik tok hack. Okay, I got you a gift kimber I got you a gift. Yeah me again roll the clips For this hack we need this Which I should i get. She don’t know I like them. Yeah sure. It’s just to steal this one. This is my Twitter one I got a big vidcon edition says but it might put a handle on it and then we need some sort of Cologne so I got these which you gave me, but then I got these Here, which I’m not trying to play Oh, oh my gosh, she really likes this one Okay, one more oh one more spray Okay, yeah, that’s good that’s like a dollar so hack is done okay close your eyes Close your eyes Okay, sit down. Close your eyes. Okay. Close your eyes. Hold on wait Okay, open your eyes Do you know what it is? What is it there’s smell like girl yeah, what is it what it’s not like me. Yeah car. Did you like this diff? With this big good gift for you. Yeah basket So you’d like that as a girlfriend? Yeah, okay How’d you guys well that hack That hack works. Apparently according to Kimber that hack is yes, that is a real hack So how to make a girlfriend happy just put Cologne onto a hoodie. Yes. Wait, it’s already given in your suitcase or something We’ll just that really doing your sneaky. Well, thank you so much for watching. The Valentine’s Day tick tock hacks I hope you guys enjoy that I hope I helped you guys get a girlfriend and also make them happy Valentine’s Day You guys want to see any more tick tock hacks hit that subscribe button and also hit that like button Because I want to do some more of these, but if you hate them, I don’t have to you know, I’ll just I’ll just disappear Peace!