Womens Yeast Infection and Candida Cleanse Stage 1

Greetings! I often get asked about vaginal yeast infection
by many patients, this is a particular area I’ve worked in now for a long, long time. So there are three stages really to this. There’s the candida cleanse stage one, the
candida cleanse stage two, and the candida cleanse stage three. You can read that in chapter four in the Candida
Crusher book. So the benefit of doing these three stages
is gonna give the woman a lot of relief from vaginal yeast infection, in most cases a significant
relief. So when we get chronic recurring cases, we’ll
talk about that a bit later on, we can look more at the boric acid treatment. So the stage one basically involves Manuka
honey, especially with a high UMF or unique Manuka factor rating. So 16 or even higher. The unfortunate thing is that the Manuka costs
a lot of money, especially outside of New Zealand. The Manuka has shown to have very, very good
healing properties, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. And it’s really soothing and gentle on even
the most delicate skin of the body. So even if you could get half a tablespoon
of that stuff, one tablespoon’s better, and you get one or two cloves of garlic, chop
that and just let that sit in the Manuka honey for several hours, warm that honey up, just
put that in a bowl and suspend it in warm water, that’ll get quite soft, and apply it
to the vaginal area. And leave it for about a good half an hour
to one hour. That’s stage one. It’s the anti-microbial treatment. Stage two then involves rinsing that out using
apple cider vinegar like Bragg’s for example. a few tablespoons in a small bowl of tepid
water and that will work very well indeed. That can be cleaned right out, just give that
a good irrigation and in the third stage involves the soothing, cooling treatment using the
yogurt. So yogurt can be applied, just a small amount
that can be put in with a turkey baster or just with a little pump or something like
that or an applicator and to left on that tissue to really cool and soothe that tissue
down. And then you could just irrigate that out
with water. With the more chronic cases, if you find it
doesn’t really respond well to Manuka honey, I’d recommend boric acid powder, and you can
watch that on my videos on Women’s Vaginal Treatment. Very successful, 99% successful in eradicating
bacterial vaginosis or women’s candida yeast problem. Regardless of the strain of candida, I’ve
seen candida glabrata, candida parapsilosis and different hard to treat strains respond
very, very well when boric acid was used as part of the vaginal protocol. But check on my other videos on that. I talk more about that protocol. So I hope that gives you a bit of insight
into the stage one, two and three of the vaginal candida cleanse. Very effective, thanks for tuning in.